Ed Parry - Image of 2nd book called Smile

Part two of the Bellualis Chronicles


New year...

New teachers...

New headmistress...

Same danger!


The new teachers seem nicer, and normal. Almost. 

And all anyone remembers of what happened before is a devastating fire.


Could the pupils of Thornberry Woods be in even greater danger at the hands of the sadistic Miss Pulchre?


Trusting nobody, Sophie, Lucy, Ben and Jack start the school year prepared to fight.


But how could they prepare for this?


Monsters not people!

Although aimed at older children and teens, these books are also great for adults. These mysterious thrillers will put you on the edge of your seat and send a chill right down your spine, taking you right back to your school days and confirming your suspicions about some of your teachers

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Book cover design for original novel "Golem" original design by Catherine Clarke
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Published by Heddon Publishing
What if your school wasn’t like other schools?
What if obeying the rules became a way to survive?
What if your friends were replaced and no one could tell?


Golem is the first book in the Bellualis Chronicles series and will delight, thrill and send shivers down your spine.

When Sophie Clearwater joins Thornberry Woods High School it doesn’t take her long to realise that something isn’t right. Something about the prefects’ impeccable behaviour; the creepiness of the teachers and malevolence of the head…the way the children seem to lose their personalities…

With new friends Lucy and Jack, it takes a great deal of courage and trust to discover the dark secrets contained deep within the school.  But now that they know them, what are they going to do?

Written by E.J.Parry and published by Heddon Publishing, this book will hold great appeal for everyone from teens to adults, who will find themselves transported back to their school days – when you knew there was something not quite right about your school and teachers. Not many teachers are like those at Thornberry Woods High School, though.

"A book you don't want to put down."

"Brilliant book, edge of seat moments."

"Dark thrilling page turner."

"A superb read."